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Making proper subtitle files

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If you are using a subtitle ripper that creates SRT or SSA files, and if you additionally create such files in languages different from the one of your windows installation, some tools might insist on creating files with character set dependencies. Then, only tools like mkvtoolnix, which supports that character set nonsense, will be able to handle those files correctly. This is nonsense in my opinion, because it is a lot of work for nothing.

Especially, every user can easily fix such files: Load your SRT/SSA file in Windows' Notepad, then save it again, but choose "UTF-8" instead of "ANSI". That way, you'll get a file using unicode coding, so that an application reading that file doesn't have to deal with character sets any longer.

AVI-Mux GUI will read files using ANSI encoding only if they use the same character set as your Windows installation, and UTF-8 files. So if you want to load a subtitle file and get character screwed up, convert that file to UTF-8 first.