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Input settings


This section explains the available settings for input files. Some settings mentioned are already implemented and will be released with v1.17.4.

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Input: General

generate chapters from file namesIf this setting is activated, each time you join several files, a chapter mark will be created at the joining points. Chapters which have been defined in the source files will be included as subchapters to those.
unbuffered readOpens files using the FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING flag. That means that Windows will not use its file cache. Since AVI-Mux GUI reads sequentially forward, there is no use in the file cache of windows, making this read mode faster.

Note: This setting was subject to a couple of problems and bugs, but those should no longer occur.
read ahead asynchronouslyAVI-Mux GUI operates on pieces of 512 kB. Unless caching itself is disabled, AVI-Mux GUI will access files only in such pieces. When this setting is enabled, accessing one such piece of a file will immediately initiate reading the next piece, so that, when it is required, it is already loaded, or at least, loading is already in progress, so that it takes less time. This setting was implicitely activated if and only if "unbuffered read" was activated in versions prior to 1.17.4. This setting should be disabled if and only if it leads to problems, as it makes AVI-Mux GUI slower.

Input: AVI - files

maximum chunk size in kByteAny chunks which exceed the indicated size will be considered broken if this option is activated
try to retrieve correct chunk sizeIf this option is activated, AVI-Mux GUI will look into the chunk header of any chunk that exceeds the maximum indicated size and check if the size indicated there is "better". If it is not, the chunk will be ignored.
If this option is deactivated, every chunk which exceeds the indicated size according to the AVI file index is ignored without further verification.
force MP3 streams to VBREvery MP3 stream will be treated as VBR, regardless whether or not it is indeed VBR.

Recommended: deactivated
change dwFourCC "DX50" to "divx"DivX 4 and divX 5 - Codecs use divx as identification code. Unfortunately, there is at least one tool out there which creates AVI files containing a wrong DX50 code to refer to divX 5.
If this option is activated, this wrong code will be fixed when remuxing the file.

Recommended: activated

Input: Mode 2 Form 2 - files

activate CRC check as defaultIndicates whether or not CRC check will be activated automatically when a Mode 2 Form 2 - source file is loaded. This prevents that corrupt data is muxed without the user noticing this.

Recommended: activated

Input: MP3 - files

Ask whether or not to check for CBRWhen an MP3 file is loaded, AVI-Mux GUI will look at the first 1000 frames. If they suggest the file to be CBR, the user will be asked whether or not the entire file is to be checked for CBR. If the user denies, the file will be treated as VBR.
Note that the entire file needs to be read and checked, which might take some time.
always check for CBRAVI-Mux GUI will scan MP3 files until either the end of the file is reached, or until it is clear that the file cannot be CBR.
never check for CBREvery MP3 file is treated as VBR. This will increase overhead for AVI files when using MP3 CBR sources
display verification resultInidcates whether or not the result of the verification of an MP3 file which looks like CBR is displayed as a dialogue window.

Input: MKV

Import chaptersSelect whether or not chapters from input matroska files are imported as well, or if they are ignored